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We will match like-for-like storage space within 10 miles of any of our locations.

Self-Storage Locations Across the UK

If you are looking for storage in the UK, then we’d recommend you consider our self-storage solutions. We’ve considered very carefully what someone looking for high quality storage and believe we have come up with the ideal mix.

Firstly, we made sure that our offers were as competitive as possible, if you don’t believe us then we’re up for the challenge. Our price match promise guarantees you will pay no more for your storage than any other local suppliers. Better still, we have flexible terms making it easy for you to increase your storage without stress or frustration.

Secondly, we made sure that our locations were well placed, and well appointed. When you visit a Flexspace self-storage centre you will find it just off the main road and easy to get to. You’ll find the parking really easy to find, normally with space right in front of the building, and you’ll find the staff on hand to help you. If you want packing materials – we can supply. Need help unloading? We’re there for you.

Finally, we made sure that it was clean, secure and safe. The locations, as you can see from this website, are cleaned regularly and the storage units are dry – free from moisture which may corrupt your belongings. For security only you hold your storage keys, we have CCTV all over the site and because our sites are working business parks there are always people about – whether staff or clients.

So choose a location below, or contact us on 0800 033 4444 and discuss your storage needs.

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There is only so much you can find out about our services by browsing the website. If you want to arrange an appointment to discuss our storage solutions and take a look at our facilities, then please contact us.

Looking for More than Just Storage?

Now we have joined forces with Flexspace, we have become a part of a much larger organisation and therefore offer more than just Storage for our clients. We offer office space (co-working as well as rented space), workshops, warehouses and virtual offices.

If you are based near one of our locations, then you can explore more about them on the main Flexspace website:

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